What if we offered you an address that combines the peace and calm of Karjat with the eternal beauty of the Victorian Era? Welcome to Victoria Hills, a vast expanse of land set amidst serene surroundings and lofty hills. Victoria Hills evokes a euphoric feeling as you witness the confluence of the timeless Victorian era and the timeless beauty of Karjat. Every element, piece of architecture and structure is finely crafted with the Victorian era in mind. Here you don't have to live with a timestamp as Victoria Hills gives you a chance to live a Timeless Lifestyle.



Escape to Your Own Slice of Paradise

Discover Our Beautiful Scenic Plots and Build Your Dream Home Today! With stunning views and a tranquil atmosphere, our plots offer the perfect canvas to create your own haven away from the city. Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or a permanent residence, our plots cater to all your needs and preferences. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Where the embrace of care is unconditional.

Trees, those timeless neighbours, stand tall and proud, providing us with a sense of peace and tranquility. Their leaves rustle in the wind, whispering secrets of the natural world, while their roots anchor them to the earth, steadfast and unyielding. Victoria Hills, with its timeless beauty, has preserved a Mango tree that has lived and unconditionally sprinkled the shower of its love for more than a hundred years. This tree entices the natural habitat with arms wide open and gives fruits that taste sweeter than nectar, adding a vibrant green feather to the beauty of Victoria Hills.

Site Layout



The Villas at Victoria Hills are available in 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK configurations, providing ample space for comfortable living.

Each Villa is designed to reflect the grandeur of the Victorian era while also incorporating modern amenities to cater to contemporary living. The villas are set admist serene surroundings and lofty hills, providing a perfect blend of nature and luxury. With its timeless elegance, expectional craftmanship, and idyllic location. Victoria Hills is a true gem that promises to offer a lifestyle a unparralled luxury and tranquility.



Victoria Hills is seamlessly connected to major parts of the location, providing you with a feeling of security. Whether you are traveling by rail or road. you can easily access your needs while still finding peace in seclusion..

Prominent Tourist Destinations In Vicinity

Sonalpada Dam

Kothligad Fort

Bhimashankar Wildlife Reserve

ND's Film Studio

Pandava Caves

Timeless Location Karjat

Shingdhol, located just 100 kilometers from Mumbai, is a verdant paradise that boasts rolling green hills, tranquil countryside, meandering rivers, and roads that seem to wind their way through the clouds. For those seeking respite from the chaos of urban life. Shingdhol offers the perfect escape, transporting you to a world of serenity and natural beauty.


Karjat is seamlessly connected to the major transport means with top-notch infrastructure. Be it roads or railways, NH7, Mumbai-Pune Expressway or Karjat Railway station, you will not feel marooned at any cost.

Space & Eco-sensitivity

Kariat boasts a population density of 400 people per square kilometer, a feat that may seem impressive to city dwellers. Located within an eco-sensitive zone, Karat is protected from the proliferation of concrete development and will remain a ha or natural beauty.

Low Investment, High Appreciation

NA Plots are an incredible value with a mind-blowing price range. This is a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity with great appreciation potential. Do not miss out on the chance to own a Majestic-living NA Plot that offers unbeatable value for money


Karat has opportunities for investment and growth due to its low population density, modern amenities, and natural beauty. Infrastructural projects, including the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, Navi Mumbai International Airport, and Jo University are also contributing to Karjat's attractivenes!



Greencity India Is a Leading Weekend Home Developer That Provides Plotted Development around Mumbai, At Picturesque Locations. Since Its Beginning, Greencity India Has Redefined Weekend Home Development And Infrastructures, Creating State-of-the-art Gated Plotted Communities. We are On A Journey Of Providing Residential Solutions That Enhance The Quality Of Life. We Offer Premium Villas And Residential NA Plots At Strategic Locations, With Excellent Connectivity.

We provide a space for your spirit to thrive and tranquilly to flourish for you. We provide an atmosphere that restores the natural balance of life and is created for your overall well-being as a greenway away from the city. Our specialists’ well-thought-out design focuses on creating a living place. We don’t simply build houses; we build communities where you can live your life to the fullest. All of our inventions include cutting-edge technology and are priced to fit your budget.

Our vision is to be the most customer-centric and top-of-mind home brand in India. Our fundamental principle, with a decades- long legacy, is heavily affected by ethics, honesty, and integrity in all parts of our organisation.


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